Are you looking for a reliable mailing service? Do you want a company with dedicated Team members to help you deliver a high quality mailing every time? Do you want someone to show you how to increase your response rate and how to save extra dollars on postage and mailing services?

A recent survey (conducted by DUB Turbo) shows that a vast majority of our clients indicate that reliability is their #1 concern - that is why they have chosen Accurate Mailings, Inc. as their direct communication resource partner.

Accurate Mailings is a 26 year old employee owned company experienced in every phase of the mailing process. In fact our Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Martin Keyser, sits on the board of the U S Postal Customer Council. What this experience and knowledge means to you is savings in every segment of your mailing. Our most delighted customers are those that get Accurate Mailings involved from the beginning.

Our company is structured to get you answers when you need them. Call us today at 800-732-3290 and let our friendly experienced staff help make your next mailing successful and show you smart ways to save you money.

Scott Vitangeli

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